Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sexy lingerie

V and I used to be prudes. For years we fucked missionary and I had to take off her frumpy unders under her flannel nighty. A few years ago she wore something a little more shall we say sexy. Now back then if it was some color other than pink or tan it was sexy. I don't remember what she started with but she made flannel look good so as soon as she wore something that was another color it said fuck me tonight. Back then we rarely fucked other than at night. I have already told you that we started going to Las Vegas as a get away but more importantly we would experiment sexually there. We would get away from the kids and family and start being much more sexual with one another. V would give the occassional blow job and in Vegas she would usually let me cum in her mouth which is still a treat to this day. I would take her all the way to Vegas just to get one of her amazing blow jobs with a climax in her mouth and let me tell you it was worth every cent. Other guys go to Vegas to visit a brothel where they can get a professional blow job and cum in the womans mouth without remorse. All I have to do is get V there and she turns into my personal whore. Well along with Vegas V would start buying some sexier night wear and we always agreed that she wouldn't limit it to Vegas but she never seemed to make the change over. We had cold winters and kids. The kids have grown and when the kids leaved home so did most of V's inhibitions. We still like Vegas but don't need it for sexual exploration. Now its just a wild fuck fest and we love that. I have kind of taken over buying V lingerie. In the past it was tough to get something sexy that we were sure wouldn't offend the other as we were so prudish. Now its hard to find anything slutty enough for V to really like. She and I love platform bras. She has 36 D s that are absolutely perfect in every way as well as being sensitive enough to produce and orgasm just with nipple play. They are good trust me on this and so is she. I have bought her so many outfits that we need a special closet just to arrange it. The problem is she never has it on more than about 10 minutes. She has more crotchless panties than most women have total. She is wearing them in public now so we can finger when the chance arises. She is also wearing some of her fuck me bras in public and I love it. Not the platform but just some damn sexy black lace and red lace and cool colors stuff. Now as you may guess this is getting her fingered and fucked even more. We are talking now about go to bed comletely nude as we both think it sensual and practical. The lingerie will either go to waste or start to get more riske in public. This stuff some of it is really slutty and V makes it look very well. She is no longer inhibited by the thought that women don't like sex. She likes it admits it. She admits that she loves cum and wants lots. All of this fits together to make life a lot of fun to live. If you have never bought any sexy lingerie for your wife or girl do it. Do it now and fuck her brains out. If it goes to waste its because your sex life has gotten so good you don't need it except for special play or dress up. The sexy school girl outfit still produces and immediate erection. I think we are going to start using the lingerie for more everyday around the house and sleep nude as we keep fucking more and enjoying it more as time goes on. It is good for the trek out in public for some public sex. Those crotchless being able to fuck her without even taking her pants off is great. A short skirt and crotchless and a fuck requires little more than bending over. We love each other and growing older as it means sexier and bolder. I can't even imagine whats next but we are looking for it and I have never even dreamed of a sex life this good.

ps Give me a comment on what you think.
What you want. What you don't want. Hope
you find your V. Life is great.


Anonymous said...

I love sexy lingerie. After reading this post I may have to get some more crotchless panties. Congrats on using cyber and phone sex to keep the sexual energy up when you are apart. Kisses!

armyguy said...

None of this stuff stays on long. The idea of her wearing it makes us both hornier than normal. We are normally very horny. Wearing some in public like out to dinner makes the anticipation of getting home much better. We just have fun with sex and lots of it.