Thursday, 28 August 2008

the shower

The Sunday is a little cloudy so we dedcide to stay indoors....its a good day for indoor play. We have a couple of glasses of wine. You put on a fuck movie and we watch for a little while...we get too hot to stand it. I ask if you want a shower?? We head into the bathroom. I take your clothes off you and then you undress me. By that time you are already hard and i cant resist your cock. I take it in my mouth even before we get in. It tastes delicious..we head into the shower and you start to wash my it feels so good. You then start to wash my pussy...i tell you, you forgot the soap! It feels so good that you keep rubbing me and find my clit...oh boy, my knees feel weak and you kinda have to support me...dont stop now!! You have me so close..... you put two fingers in me and keep working my clit...WOW i come all over your fingers..the feeling is exquisite..... you want to bring me to another one but by now i want dick and i want it now. I go down on my knees and take the whole cock in my are hot and throbbing. I work your dick with my hand and taste sooo good. Iwash you with soap and you can hardly stand it...i then rinse you off and take you again in my eager mouth. Licking and sucking all up and down the shaft. You tighten up and try to push me away waiting till we can hit the bed but i keep going wanting the sweet reward at the end..... you cum so hard and hot in my just keep is soooo wonderful. I love how you look at me afterwards. We dry each other off and head to the bed where you immediately start to eat my are sooo good and make me cum numerous times. I want to fuck so you stand up and pull me over to the edge of the bed. I turn over and you take me from behind. You drive it in so deep You are so deep it hurts...but hurts oh so good!! You reach around and play with my clit...we are so grab my ass and cum at the same time i start the big O..... we are amazing together. We are both spent and love it. I love you so much and want to fuck again!!! I love you more than you will ever know.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

She likes cum

V and I are still separated and are both hurting to fuck one another. We do phone sex and cyber sex and talk about what good sex we have. We forget that we have had really good sex for a long time and it just keeps getting better. V gives the most amazing blow jobs. Deep throating seemed to come natural to her and she seems to like it. I can tell you that I do. She will be teasing me. Licking from balls to the head and then flicking her tongue on the head of my dick. Sometimes I will take her head and shove it down and she takes it all like a trooper and with a smile. We were headed for a weekend without the kids a few years ago to a resort in central Oregon and we were driving. V will sit next to me if we have a bench seat and we did at that time. V always dresses conservative if we are in public. She always looks like a librarian til the bedroom and then she looks like I bought her for pleasure. She had on a dress this day and it was warm and we will put an arm around one another to reassure one another that we care and show affection. I put my hand on her thigh just to test and see how far I could get. She reached over and put her hand on my thigh. All V has to do to drive me crazy is touch me. She is such a sexy woman and anything positive sexually drives me crazy. Well I decided to move my hand a little higher and she permitted that and stroked her hand up my thigh. V has great legs and my hand was feeling her soft upper thigh and thinking about how my hand was right next to her pussy. She brought her hand back and rubbed my dick through my pants. I kissed her and her lips seemed softer sexier than normal. Thats a statement of how hot they were now not a put down of normal. She kisses like a fucking sex machine and today was even better. I moved my hand up to her pussy and it was so soft and warm and she had a very pleased look on her face. She rubbed a little harder through my pants and then unzipped them. She pulled my hard dick right out. I moved my hand for a little freedom and slid it under her unders and there was that little tight pussy. She was young and her hair was soft very soft. Her pussy was wet and so damn hot. She Stroked my dick and it drove me wild. I had her lay against me on an angle so I could get my hand on those 36 D tits that are so perfect. They were very erect and the nipples sticking up. I played with those for awhile and then slipped my hand back down her pants. In this position I could reach her pussy much better and I slipped a finger in her pussy. I could tell she really enjoyed it. Her pussy was so wet and tight and hot. I rubbed it a little with my fingers and then shoved a finger in again and then two. She was eating it up. We drove up to the hotel and had to kind of put ourselves together. I had a tent pole in my pants so I sent V in to check in. We took some luggage in but were put in a separate building in a suite and had to reload the luggage. We were still so fucking hot and hurrying to get to the room. We got to the room and it was nice with a kitchenette and separate bedroom. We were in bed in a blink. We had stuff strung all over the room as we wanted to fuck and not mess around. When V and I go anywhere its a fuck weekend. We both love to fuck and location is all it takes to set us both off. This was as hot as we had been getting to a location. We were both naked and in bed in seconds. V had my dick in her mouth before I could she attcked that dick. I was absolutely enjoying myself and there was a knock at the door. I told them to wait a minute and pulled on some pants and just cracked the door. We had leaved a suit case in the lobby in our heated hurry to get to the room and fuck. I just cracked the door and took the suit case and thanked him. I gave him a thank you and five bucks and closed the door. I was back in bed in a flash. V was laying there horny and naked and what a view of her beautiful sexy fuckable body. Absolutely beautiful and waiting to fuck me. Not waiting patiently mind you she wanted fucked but waiting. I climbed on her missionary and slowly fucked her. A slight smile on her face as we enjoyed one another immensely. Then V rolled me over and started to give me another of her amazing blow jobs. I love her pussy after my dick has been in it and she loves my dick after it has been in her wet pussy. I wasn't far from cumming and was worried about this blow job as she was attcking me today. I told her I am close and she never let up she had her hand and mouth and was deep throating me and with such passion I was so fucking horny with this little sunday school teacher sucking me like a whore. I loved it. I could feel it building and tried to pull away but V held on and I blew the biggest load in her mouth. She never flinched. She took in all and never spilled a drop. She continued after that dick til it was absolutely dry and she did it with love. She had a glow on her face of love of satisfaction. She was more beautiful than I had ever seen her before and I was so fucking satisfied. My dick was still hard so I rolled her over to missionary and shove a dick deep inside her. I hugged her while I was doing that I was so thrilled with my wife that I didn't know what to do. Her blow jobs are amazing and she took a huge load and swallowed every drop. She had never done that before. Maybe I screwed up maybe she would be pissed. I was still fucking her and we were both enjoying that. We fucked to another good climax in a few minutes and I put this one deep in her pussy. We layed there and never talked about what a wonderful thing she had done. I found out years later that she had wanted a load it the mouth for some time. My sunday school wife was a cum slut beyond belief and I was just discovering it. She lusted for my dick and my cum and I was too stupid to realize it. Well sex was wonderful to this point and it was going to be a hell of a lot better after this. Men cheat on there wives to get blow jobs and buy hookers. My wife thank god loved cum and is so good at blow jobs. Finding out changed our sex lives forever. She is a better sexier wife than I could have ever thought of. I wouldn't have been smart enough to ask for a wife that gave great oral and liked to swallow. I have one and am so lucky. Men drive for miles and spend large money to get the slut that I don't even have to go to the bedroom for. She loves porn and put on some good porn and she will be on my dick in the living room. If I let go and blow a load in her mouth it turns her on. She will fuck me to death if I do that. So guess what I do it often. She is a wonder and she is mine. She responds to my oral and I love it but thats another blog.

Monday, 4 August 2008

getting together.

V and I were apart for a few months a couple years ago. We got horny as hell and thats when the phone sex and internet sex got started. I have to admit that the phone sex was better than I thought. If its the only thing you have you make do. I was in South America and V was coming down for Christmas. I arranged for a five star hotel for us to stay at. I am not a fool and know the importance of location. We had a very nice suite with all the amenities and a king size bed. I had to leave hands off V as we came from the airport to the hotel as we were in a car with a driver and in public. We got to the bed room and I got my first chance to touch Vs lovely breast and it was like it was made of clay. She was so horny and her nipples were so hard. Its wonderful to find that she missed me as much as I missed her. We had each others clothes off before we knew it and were rolling in bed. I licked Vs tits and they were wonderful. Her tits are perfect 36Ds anyway and when she is really horny they are amazing. I got her bra off and started to lick those beauties and it was wonderful. It always is and after being deprived for four months they were special and waiting for me. I slid my hand down to her pussy and it was like what the hell are you waiting for I want to be fucked. She was wet already and the lips of her pussy were swelled and waiting. I was going to put her on her back and she put me on mine and had my dick in her mouth before I could say go for it. She attacked my dick with savage enthusiasm. It was wonderful. I rolled her over to a 69 and tasted that sweet wonderful pussy of hers for the first time in four months and it was wonderful. I had a hard time not cumming. Then I turned around and stuck my dick deep inside her and it felt sooo good. Her pussy was so wet and warm and wonderful. I had to stroke slowly to keep from cumming as it had been so long and she is sooo good. I could only stand that for awhile and had to change to avoid cumming. I turned her head over the edge of the bed and let it lay back. Then I began fucking her beautiful face. She is so good at it and then I leaned over and tasted her pussy again. I was trying not to cum and I just exploded. The load was huge. My cum is very thick and sticky and this load of it was absolutely huge. I don't know if it was from being apart for four months or that I had been hard for hours anticipating V showing up and fucking. What ever the reason it was large and I was afraid V would be pissed that I came early. She tried to take it all and cum went in her face and in her throat and she giggled and said. You got it in my hair with a very pleased tone to her voice. That was when I realized that blow jobs aren't just about me. V loves them as much as I do and I was afraid to cum in her mouth except for special occassions. Well I realized that she wants it as much as me. What a treat to have the love of your life love your dick and your cum.
I know some guys would kill to have a lover that really likes dick and loves cum in her mouth. She is truly a special woman. We hugged each other intently savoring marvelous sex. She deep kissed me with her super sexy deep kiss that says I am a whore and all yours. It tells me I can have anything I want and do anything I want. She is my slut and totally available. We fuck another two times before falling asleep. Morning brings a fresh day and fresh sex. Life with V is wonderful. I hope some of you can have half as good a sex as V gives. Most men would be thrilled with half as good. I get it all and I mean all. She gives me everything and more and more importantly she loves it not just gives it. Any woman can give head or pussy. Special women can give it and enjoy it as much as me. V is very special.

Sunday, 3 August 2008


V likes tropical climates and so do I. I think one of the things I like is the lessor requirement for clothes. Whatever it is we seem to fuck a lot in the tropics. We were in Hawaii a time back and we were out of town where it isn't remote but not densely populated. We had a seventh floor room with a separate bedroom and a kitchen and balcony. We had been down town earlier where V gave me a blow job out on the balcony that was absolutely great. It had to be in view of anyone wanting to look from a high spot. Well we continued our fuckfest when we went out of town and we pretty much drank and fucked all day every day. We were still exploring and V had given me several of her amazing blow jobs. We were in the bedroom one afternoon and we were getting it on. V got down on her knees on the bed and was giving me one of her blow jobs and I started to moan and she knew she had me. I sort of tensed and said I am going to cum. She sucked all the harder on my dick and I blew a load in her mouth. She just dwelled on it as if it were a thick milk shake and never spilled a drop. She prides herself on that. This girl really likes cum as she never wastes it. In fact she kind of prizes it. What a woman. Well we were laying there together and decided that after a break we would try the beach. We had reconned that the beach was risky enough to be fun and private enough for us but we would wait for dark. The sun was already setting so by the time we got ourselves in order it was time to go. We kissed a little in the room. I love holding Vs beautiful body when I kiss her. I love it when she shoves her tongue down my throat and shows me that she loves sex and everything about it. She had on a sun dress and not much of her beautiful 36 Ds was showing but I knew what was there and how to access them. The dress was thin and the touch from outside was better than a lot of men get in there life. We were high up in the building and got the evevator. We were still kissing and getting hot as hell by the time the evevator got there. We stepped in and as the door closed V unzipped my pants and let that large member out. She didn't waste any time and had it in her mouth. There we were in an elevator with her on her knees giving me a blow job. This was wonderful and scarey. It didn't take long and I was really going. I kept trying to get her to her feet each time the elevator stopped but she was loving that dick. Back then I thought she gave me blow jobs to please me. I didn't know til much later how much she loves blow jobs and that it pleases her nearly as much as me. Later when I came in her mouth and triggered and orgasm it told me a lot. It told me that I have a cum slut wife that loves dick and loves cum and is every man't dream. Shes mine and I love her and her skills. Anyway she kept that dick in her mouth while we went down to the bottom floor. Luckily there was no one there as the door opened. I think V was a bit disappointed that I didn't cum in the elevator but I was worried as hell. We walked out on the beach hanging onto one another as I was so hard I could hardly walk. We found some rocks a short distance away. Just on the edge of the light and V pulled up her sundress and sat on my hard cock. We fucked for awhile in the warmth of the evening and then V got back on her knees. She took my dick with her cute little lipps and that warm sexy moist mouth of hers and took it all. That nearly did it with one stoke. Then she licked and teased for a little bit and then took it deep again. Well that was too much and I shot cum right down her throat. If you like a gag reflex you wouldn't like V. She never flinches. She took that load like she loved it. Well she did love it. I just didn't realize it then. Like I have told you. She never spilled a drop. She cherrishes each sticky white drop and savors it as she swallows. I guess you know I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is a one of a kind. She has a satisfied look after she has taken a load and a glaze in her eyes of pure delight. She had it then. When she is like that her kisses are even more special than normal. Now I got to tell you that V kisses like well its amazing and can almost make you cum just with a kiss. Well when she is after a load pleased she is amazing. She kissed me so much that I took her upstairs and fucked her brains out just a half hour later. Life with V is amazing. I thought she was the area prude and am finding that she is my own private whore and cum slut. She is what every man wants and is afraid to marry. Well I have her and I cherrish the ground she walks on. She is beautiful, sexy, horny and loves dick and cum. She an angel.