Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sexy lingerie

V and I used to be prudes. For years we fucked missionary and I had to take off her frumpy unders under her flannel nighty. A few years ago she wore something a little more shall we say sexy. Now back then if it was some color other than pink or tan it was sexy. I don't remember what she started with but she made flannel look good so as soon as she wore something that was another color it said fuck me tonight. Back then we rarely fucked other than at night. I have already told you that we started going to Las Vegas as a get away but more importantly we would experiment sexually there. We would get away from the kids and family and start being much more sexual with one another. V would give the occassional blow job and in Vegas she would usually let me cum in her mouth which is still a treat to this day. I would take her all the way to Vegas just to get one of her amazing blow jobs with a climax in her mouth and let me tell you it was worth every cent. Other guys go to Vegas to visit a brothel where they can get a professional blow job and cum in the womans mouth without remorse. All I have to do is get V there and she turns into my personal whore. Well along with Vegas V would start buying some sexier night wear and we always agreed that she wouldn't limit it to Vegas but she never seemed to make the change over. We had cold winters and kids. The kids have grown and when the kids leaved home so did most of V's inhibitions. We still like Vegas but don't need it for sexual exploration. Now its just a wild fuck fest and we love that. I have kind of taken over buying V lingerie. In the past it was tough to get something sexy that we were sure wouldn't offend the other as we were so prudish. Now its hard to find anything slutty enough for V to really like. She and I love platform bras. She has 36 D s that are absolutely perfect in every way as well as being sensitive enough to produce and orgasm just with nipple play. They are good trust me on this and so is she. I have bought her so many outfits that we need a special closet just to arrange it. The problem is she never has it on more than about 10 minutes. She has more crotchless panties than most women have total. She is wearing them in public now so we can finger when the chance arises. She is also wearing some of her fuck me bras in public and I love it. Not the platform but just some damn sexy black lace and red lace and cool colors stuff. Now as you may guess this is getting her fingered and fucked even more. We are talking now about go to bed comletely nude as we both think it sensual and practical. The lingerie will either go to waste or start to get more riske in public. This stuff some of it is really slutty and V makes it look very well. She is no longer inhibited by the thought that women don't like sex. She likes it admits it. She admits that she loves cum and wants lots. All of this fits together to make life a lot of fun to live. If you have never bought any sexy lingerie for your wife or girl do it. Do it now and fuck her brains out. If it goes to waste its because your sex life has gotten so good you don't need it except for special play or dress up. The sexy school girl outfit still produces and immediate erection. I think we are going to start using the lingerie for more everyday around the house and sleep nude as we keep fucking more and enjoying it more as time goes on. It is good for the trek out in public for some public sex. Those crotchless being able to fuck her without even taking her pants off is great. A short skirt and crotchless and a fuck requires little more than bending over. We love each other and growing older as it means sexier and bolder. I can't even imagine whats next but we are looking for it and I have never even dreamed of a sex life this good.

ps Give me a comment on what you think.
What you want. What you don't want. Hope
you find your V. Life is great.

Monday, 14 July 2008

present and first love making

I was going in the Army years ago and V and I had been fucking for some time. I thought that she did it with me to please me that that is what women did. They couldn't possibly like sex like a man. Well let me tell you they like it like a man maybe more so. Well I was going away and we wanted to be alone. We went to a local creek and drove up stream to a remote spot and got out to swim. We had a blanket and before long we were on the blanket. We started kissing and I would always try for a feel. Well V seemed quite accomodating this day and before long I had those tits of hers out in the sunshine where I could play with them. Mind you I was terrible at it back then but thank goodness V didn't have enough experience to know how bad I was. We usually were in the front seat of a car fighting with the steering wheel. Being unbothered by the cramped space was quite a treat. It didn't take long til I was into her bathing suit and there she was a goddess in the daylight. I had never really seen her before as we were always groping in the dark. She was a work of art. Huge well shaped tits for a 16 year old and wonderfully shaped legs from working on a farm. She was shaped just perfect with a tight pussy that only I had ever played with or been inside of. I didn't realize how tight it was back then but I do now and it was sooo tight and nice. The hair was so young and tender that it was almost like it was shaved. I wasn't smart enough to burry my face in her pussy. I was afraid she might not like it and then she wouldn't like me. I know now that she was in love with me from the begining and would have probably let me do about anything to her. She would have liked my tongue. She surely does now. We weren't smart enough to use lube or plan ahead or anything. I would just fuck her with no expertise at all then pull out to cum. She put up with that stuff as we both learned how to fuck and I don't know why she didn't dump me and get someone with some experience to fuck her properly but she waited for me to learn. On this day before long I was on top of her. I think back and realize how much she liked it but I was too dumb to realize it then. I didn't have any stamina as she turned me on so much that I was ready to cum before I entered her. She felt sooooo good. My dick is a large girth and maybe thats the only reason she put up with me was that my dick felt so good to her even though I didn't know how to use it. She loved me and I loved her and having my dick in her was the best thing she could imagine at the time. I lasted longer than normal and it was extraordinary in the sunshine. Looking at the beauty of her face as she was being fucked for one of the first times that I really got deep. That she got to really feel the size and passion of my cock and to see if she really liked it. Thank God she did. She has taught me to be a reasonably good lover but that was a mile stone. I felt the cum quivering in side and I just let it cum inside of her. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. I don't know if she came to but I know she liked it a lot. A lot. Thats the first time I realize that V is a beautiful woman. That V is more beautiful fucked than not fucked. She looked so fine she was so fine she is so fine. That was probably our first really good sex. We had fucked for some time but not made love. This was sex that said I love you. I did to. This was incredible sex to a 19 year old. This was the begining of our learning that continues today. Today we are apart and exploring each other through the internet. Its not like fucking but it does help us learn about each other. The sex we have when we get back together will be incredible. She is an incredible lover today with and insatiable appetite for sex and dick and cum. We have come a long ways. I can't wait to be between her legs again. She is so hot and so horny and so mine.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I talked to V tonight. Its wonderful to hear her voice. This is pretty sick shit for an old married couple but I love to hear her voice. I think about her continually I think about fucking her continually. We are starting to make plans for when we get back together. We have discovered that we really like public sex. When we were dating we used to fuck in the back of a car or front of a car. Thats kind of public even though it was out of necessity just to get a piece of ass. Last summer we were on a weekend trip and got horny. I saw signs for a game refuge and thought that it might provide some oportunities. It did. There was a blind in it that causes you to walk back in the woods for a few hundred feet. We went back there and V just bent over and I started fucking her from behind. She was wet with anticipation so all worked well. It was absolutely wonderful. We just got going and an older couple came walking down the path. I had V bent over and taking her from behind and an older couple started down the path. We saw them for awhile but I stayed in her til the last minute. We pulled out and tried to look normal as they came into the game blind. When they departed we let them get a few steps away and then V got on her knees and took my over sized dick in her mouth. She is always ready to have my dick in her mouth but when she is horny she is insatiable. We went right back into the rear entry and fucked hard for a few minutes. We got back into the car without either of us having an orgasm. We did that intentionally and we were horny as hell the rest of the day. We couldn't leave our hands off one another. When we go home we went right to the bedroom where V had numerous orgasms and I had two good ones. Well public sex is a large discussion as to possibilities for places to fuck. Car sex is coming back into the picture as something we want to revisit out of sport rather than necessity this time. We have talked about some role playing and I am still trying to get V to share her inner feelings and fantasies with me. She is wonderful about letting me try anything I think of but she won't tell me what she fatasizes about. I don't know if she fantasises about being fucked by multiple men or whether she would like male dominence. I am rather hoping she would like female dominence. I think having V take over and demand how she wants to be fucked would be a turn on. We still have something to explore and will. I will do anything she asks and the same is true for her. I just need to get her to open her mind as wide as her pussy so I know how to please her pussy better. Well actually the brain is the biggest sex organ and thats what I am trying to please. I do a good job of pleasing her and she is great at pleasing me but we are always looking for improvement. Im sure we will improve and we are going to fuck harder than ever. Its great to be old enough to not feel competition or jealousy. Just enjoy the fucking enjoy one anther and we do.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Phone sex internet reply from sexy wife

She is amazing. She continues to suprise me and thrill me. She if getting infinitely better at writing sexy emails. I am hoping she shares more fantasies so I can enhance our love making when we rejoin and attempt to fuck each other to death with a smile. Here is one that she sent me. I hope you approve. It sure as hell turns me on. V is the love of my life and the porn of my thoughts. You can see why from her email. I love her so.

Are you ready to make love to your wife? First i want a sexy shower where i soap that huge cock with lots for warm sudsy soap then i must wash it ever so gently. When all nice and clean i will go down in the shower with water running all over my tits and body. Your swollen dick is deep in my mouth, at one point i think your knees buckle as i take you all the way deep in my throat. I work back and forth fast as i feel your cock getting harder. I almost choke you are in sooo deep! I give a gentle suck on the end and stand up. We dry each other off.. i pay close attention to your dick and balls because they are so HOT. You dry off my pussy rubbing right where it feels soooo good. We go into the bedroom where you sit on the bed and i resume where i left off. You taste delicious, i lay you back and your penis is staight up so i climb on top and slide all the way down til you feel me up to my tonsils. You are in so deep i can feel you pulsing. It feels like a bomb about to go off but i say not yet. I lay back down and push your head to my pussy. You are more than happy to eat my pussy because you are sooo hungry. God, it feels so good, as you really know what to do and i love it. I can feel your tongue around my clit and my god i can hardly stand it. You come up and suck on my tits and get me so close to coming. I then push your head back down between my thighs. You are licking and sucking and twirling my clit so fast then i erupt into a huge big O. While i am still coming you stick your finger in me. Wow! It is time to give you some relief..... a blow job followed by fucking with me on my back with my legs up in the air and you dick DEEP in my pussy. You the pull out holding that huge, throbbing cock and come all over my tits. Some even gets on my chin! We are so exhausted we fall back on the bed.... god, i love you so much. We cuddle and i place your hand on my breast and you squeeze... want to do it ALL again?? I love you so much!!!! Im sitting here with my tits out and horny as hell. All i can think about is you putting your hand down my crotch and making me come. I want you so bad and would screw your brains out right now. I WANT tO FUCK YOU NOW!!! CWTFU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

fucking no fforeplay

We were in the mood for sex. V is like a lot of women and likes foreplay and I not only enjoy but try to accomodate my partners desires. V has become more sexually arroused with the years and more daring. She has been willing to try anything. She didn't really like anal and I can do without it. I get world class blow jobs and invited to cum places that most men can't imagine. I can do without a damn anal session and I am not sure I like it anyway. Well this night I suggested to V that we not have any foreplay. We watched some porn very little because we always wind up fucking after a few minutes. She can enjoy porn and a glass of wine and I like porn though I think we are better than the movies. This night we just got it on. No eating pussy no blow job. V came over to me and just sat on my dick and and started pumping. Sounds unsexy and dry right. Wrong it seemed especially naughty and wonderful. She was like some kind of animal coming after me. She loves cowgirl as much as I do. We have kind of experimented going from cowgirl to rear entry bent over the bed. V likes it when I drag her butt to the edge of the bed with her legs in the air. From there I can put gentle pressure on her knees spreading them apart and drive it home deep. We really can't decide which gives the deepest penetration but I think cowgirl does at least as good as any. We used them all that night. She fucked me hard from the cowgirl and then into the bedroom where we went rear entry for awhile. I can tell V really likes the edge of the bed with some knee pressure. I think that is a treat for her like a blow job is for me. This night I fucked her hard and she came with one of those those belly wrenching pussy twitching orgasms. I nearly came to. It was all I could do not to. Well V turns into a sex kitten cum slut after a good organm and she went wild on me. We played some more and then went missionary with me feeling like I was hitting bottom and she came again hard real hard and I couldn't hold it. I blew a huge load into her cunt and we felt like we were velroed together as my juices flow and she recieved with love. She deep kissed me and stuck her tongue down my throat. Those huge mutual orgasms are not every day but are wonderful when they happen. V has her own special way of thanking me. That deep kiss and tongue says thank you like you wouldn't believe. I didn't go limp and with a short rest V took my dick in her hand and that made me hard as rock again. She climbed on cowgirl and now its like big boy you are going to get your brains fuck out. I am proud to say that I did. She fucked me in every position multiple times. She had several large and a few small orgasms and brought me to a second orgasm. This time V wanted it on her tits which she likes a lot. We were both exhausted and hungry. We got up and had a snack and went to the front room where the porn was still running. I laid down and V came over with that sexy satisfied smile of hers and began sucking on my dick. It took very little for it to reach full length and its large girth and hard. V worked on it with the touch of a cum slut and the expert she is. I was laying there in extasy and she brought me to near climax several times. Then she brought me up and never hesitated I blew a load in her mouth that was wonderful. It wasn't as large as the first to but what the hell it was a good load and she took every drop and sucked for more. She always looks so beautiful after she has been fucked hard and specially after she swallows a load of cum. She is so loving and beautiful and thankful. She is more than you could ever dream of for a partner. I wish I could freeze that time as it is truly wonderful. If you have never experienced it I hope you someday do. She is the love of my life. Try fucking without foreplay sometime. It might bring results you never thought of. It did for us and we have vowed to do it again.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Phone sex

Just got off the phone with V. We are a long ways apart and the phone and internet are as good as it gets for now. We were apart last year and I had a phone in my room. That was pretty good as we would talk to one another til we got hot as hell and then jack off together. She has never been into vibrators but I finally bought her a rotating rabbit from Adam and Eve and she really liked it. Well not as much as her hubby but she liked it. I see the vibrator as a friend rather than a competitor. V is a very senuous woman. She is beautiful and horny and sexy. She is very desirable but after her first orgasm she turns into a sex machine. Anything that helps me achieve that is a friend. If I am around she normally wants me instead of the vibrator but I hope to change that to both of us. Not one and then the other but both of us what ever feels good. Anyway when we were apart last year she would either get the vibe or just us her finger while we talked and I would jack off at the same time. Not as good as a good fuck but it sure helps when you are 5000 miles apart and monogamus. I could have found numerous women to fuck but I want V. She is my sex machine and so phone sex had to do. Now the phone is in a public place and I can only get partial privacy. The internet may melt from what we are sending one another. The bad news is that we are apart and want one another quite bad. The good news is that we get so horny that we will tell each other things on the internet that we might not say directly to one another. I learn things about V. She sure as hell learns more about me than I do about her but it all helps. It helps make me and her be better lovers. The more times I can please her and bring her to orgasm the better I like it. She learns what pleases me and can use her womanly charms to her best advantage. Its not that anything displeases me but I let her know that cumming in her mouth is always special no matter how often. She let me know that she likes my dick in her mouth and my cum. What a woman. We have gotten to where we can make love for long periods of time and enjoy every single minute. I hate being apart from her. I long to be inside her in any way. The knowledge we gain from being apart and hormy as hell will make our love making better in the future. When we are together and she is satisfied she says I like it all. When we are apart and horny as hell she says I love being fucked in public and I love it when you cum on my tits. I like fucking in public and I like cumming on her tits so I will not hesitate as I may have in the past. She has beautiful perfect 36Ds and some thick cum on them is totally perfect. What a picture. I never thought I would like phone sex. I see guys getting themselves in trouble with bills and internet sex didn't seem like much but with V s touch and with us apart it beats hell out of nothing. Hope we don't wear one another out jacking off. She is going to be fucked so long and hard when we reunite.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Marriage and sex

V and I have been married for 37 years. A lot of our freinds have gotten divorces. I don't claim to be an expert on marriage but I have a couple thoughts that might help some of the people that might read this. First I will tell you that V has always been a sexy gal. She was only 15 when we started dating and it wasn't long before I was playing with the tightest sweetest little pussy you can imagine. We would deep kiss and then I would work my way to rubbing her pussy and she would almost flow with moisture. She was and is great. Well we weren't very good at fucking but we didn't know any better. We kind of learned together over the years. V is as good a teacher as she is a learner. She is willing to learn anytime and she can teach also. V went from a good fuck and loving wife to a cum slutt whore a few years ago and I love it. She says its because the kids are out of the house and she is no longer worried about discovery or just to damn tired to fuck hard. What ever the reason I am a dumb shit. We were dating and driving up highway 101 in the middle of the night. She leaned over and took my dick in her mouth and started to suck and lick and it was wonderful. I don't know how the hell I stayed on the road with that kind of activity but luckily there was no traffic. I had never had a blow job before and at nineteen it was a wonderful experience. It probably didn't last long as I was pretty quick in those days. V brought me up and I danced on the edge of climax for some time. She had her head burried in my crotch and was going for it. I was afraid to cum in her mouth even though I wanted to. I was afraid of respect of I don't know what but I pushed her away and came. She came up with her eyes back in her head and gave me a deep deep kiss. I have always regretted not cumming. I should have let her go. We went years without blow jobs and then more time with just licking and sucking. We had great sex but I like a lot of men wanted a good blow job. We were finally at a resort on our anniversary and having heated very very hot sex and she gave me a blow job. A great one I might say. When she could feel me reaching the explosion point I said I am going to cum. She just dug in harder and I exploded in her mouth. It was absolutely marvelous. It was better than I had ever imagined and I had thought of it a lot. She slid up beside me and seemed so satisfied. I was afraid she did it just for me but was very grateful holy shit was I grateful. I tell you girls if you want presents this is the way to get them wow. Well I want to say that Vs blow jobs have increased and so has her technic. Let me tell you boys she's good real good. She has me cum in her mouth sometimes and sometimes she wants it on her tits or her tummy she absolutely loves cum. When I cum in her mouth she doesn't play she swallows like she doesn't want anyone else to have it. She is wild and good and sexy and beautiful. The point is that she is this sex kitten that was working her way out of boredom for years. I don't know what would have happened if I had cum in her mouth when we were teenagers but as much as she likes it now I think I waisted a lot of time. Not waisted as our sex has always been good but now it is great I mean great. How many of you would like to have a beautiful wife that can't get enough cock and loves to swallow. She is amazing. Well what I started to say is I think that is one reason we have been together so long. We keep experimenting. She is willing to try anything and loves almost everthing. I think a lot marriages break up because the husbands don't ever cum in their wifes mouth. Someone said have an afair with your spouse or someone else will. I think specially women get to their forties or fifties and realize that life is short and they are not sexually fulfilled and the only way to get it is divorce. Get off your ass men. Have an affair with you wife. I find as V and I explore that she really likes sex blow jobs cum anywhere anytime public sex deep sex sex outdoors and any other turn ons. It took me years to discover and we are still going and fucking and loving. Fuck your wife like she was a slut. Fuck her hard like a stranger. Fuck her like she wants to be fucked or she will probably find someone to do it instead of you. My wife is great and getting better with age way better. Get better with her or lose her. Old age can be so damn fun or so damn lonely. I know there are other reasons for divorce but I bet the truth be known that this is number one. It is totally fixable and more pleasure than you can imagine. I am looking forward now to retirement because that means I will be with V and fucking her hard every day.

typical couple

I am tired of being stereotyped as the old married couple. We have been married a long time. If you listen to most post we should be into hallway sex. Thats where you meet in the hallway and say fuck you fuck you. Nothing could be further from the truth and I am so very glad of it. We are a great distance apart right now and are having syber sex and we were apart a year ago and we were having phone sex. I tell you don't knock it til you have tried it. V is a very sexy lady and has turned into quite a sex kitten since the kids have leaved the nest. I will tell you about that some other day. What we do on the syber sex is talk about our sex. I watch a lot of porn with us apart and I see none of the girls in the porn are as good as V. I kind of like the more mature stuff as those older gals know what they want and how to get it. When some guy cums in their mouth its give me that baby and pump me full. The younger gals are posing for the camera and pulling a smile out of left field. The older gals aren't going to waste a drop they want it. They have earned it don't spill it and I am going to enjoy it. Well V loves it more than them. She does it all better. Sometimes she goes after my dick because she wants a load of cum and wow is she hot when she does that. Well what I wanted to say is that we have been having really good sex for a long time. As we recount our trisks we were talking about being in Army school in the desert. She didn't want to go originally but had a great time once there. We entertained each other by fucking every night. We weren't as good at it as we are now but I am telling you we didn't notice back then. We started off fucking in bed and then on the floor and back then V wanted to be seduced a little. Very damn little and she would be on her back with her legs spread wanting me to drive it deep. She has always loved to fuck and I was too dumb to realize how much. Its a lot. She still had some hang ups about how much and maybe she wasn't suppose to enjoy it even tho she did. I think thats why she wanted to be seduced a little. That way she didn't feel guilty when she was laying on her back with my big dick driving it home. We fucked in many positions but hadn't gotten to the full array yet but we have always liked the missionary and doggy a lot. We now can admit that no shit It goes deeper in the doggy and thats a good reason to like it. Anyay we think back and we have been having good sex for a lot of years. I dated her for four years and we have been married for thirty seven. Wow. She is better now and she was good then. She let me fuck her after a month or so of dating and even though it wasn't very regular we have been fucking ever since. A lot of people think that a couple gets tired of each other and sex suffers. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know every inch of her body and where the sensitive spots are and brother I use them. She knows how sensitive the head of my dick is and how to drive me totally insane with her tongue. In the old days we had great sex and occassionally she would have an orgasm and she was fine with that. Now I know how to bring her to orgasm and sometimes if we have time can get between six and twelve from her. She is very appreciative. I love bringing her up almost as much as me. Once she cums once more is easyier and once she cums she turns into my own personal whore. She will do anything and I mean anything. By the time she has had six or more she is so fucking turned on and aware of me that she will us all of those womanly skills to bring me to a huge orgasm and she will take it in the mouth and never spill a drop. She almost swallows too quickly rather than play with it and she is ready for more. Even as old as we are she has brought me to climax three times in an evening. The first couple were in her pussy and the last in her skilled mouth. I wouldn't have gotten the third without her special skills and attention. Well it has been great for us so don't fear growing older. It can be very sexy and very fullfilling. We know each other and have more stamina. We can fuck for hours I mean hours and never miss a beat. Look forward and learn use your knowledge and skills. Enough for now. Enjoy your parnter don't trade her in.