Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I talked to V tonight. Its wonderful to hear her voice. This is pretty sick shit for an old married couple but I love to hear her voice. I think about her continually I think about fucking her continually. We are starting to make plans for when we get back together. We have discovered that we really like public sex. When we were dating we used to fuck in the back of a car or front of a car. Thats kind of public even though it was out of necessity just to get a piece of ass. Last summer we were on a weekend trip and got horny. I saw signs for a game refuge and thought that it might provide some oportunities. It did. There was a blind in it that causes you to walk back in the woods for a few hundred feet. We went back there and V just bent over and I started fucking her from behind. She was wet with anticipation so all worked well. It was absolutely wonderful. We just got going and an older couple came walking down the path. I had V bent over and taking her from behind and an older couple started down the path. We saw them for awhile but I stayed in her til the last minute. We pulled out and tried to look normal as they came into the game blind. When they departed we let them get a few steps away and then V got on her knees and took my over sized dick in her mouth. She is always ready to have my dick in her mouth but when she is horny she is insatiable. We went right back into the rear entry and fucked hard for a few minutes. We got back into the car without either of us having an orgasm. We did that intentionally and we were horny as hell the rest of the day. We couldn't leave our hands off one another. When we go home we went right to the bedroom where V had numerous orgasms and I had two good ones. Well public sex is a large discussion as to possibilities for places to fuck. Car sex is coming back into the picture as something we want to revisit out of sport rather than necessity this time. We have talked about some role playing and I am still trying to get V to share her inner feelings and fantasies with me. She is wonderful about letting me try anything I think of but she won't tell me what she fatasizes about. I don't know if she fantasises about being fucked by multiple men or whether she would like male dominence. I am rather hoping she would like female dominence. I think having V take over and demand how she wants to be fucked would be a turn on. We still have something to explore and will. I will do anything she asks and the same is true for her. I just need to get her to open her mind as wide as her pussy so I know how to please her pussy better. Well actually the brain is the biggest sex organ and thats what I am trying to please. I do a good job of pleasing her and she is great at pleasing me but we are always looking for improvement. Im sure we will improve and we are going to fuck harder than ever. Its great to be old enough to not feel competition or jealousy. Just enjoy the fucking enjoy one anther and we do.

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