Thursday, 9 December 2010

Its a wonderful wife

I haven't posted for awhile but have been having wonderful sex all the time. Want more but as long as V and I both work its hard to find time. We have been having more morning sex lately than we used to. We don't have to waite for night and we are both refreshed. I am out on the job with time to kill now and thats when I get horny for V. As soon as I am away from her I miss her and can't figure why I don't fuck her every day and more. We do on vacation why not at home. Well the job and iteruptions by daily routine. A week or so ago I had a day like today when I was waiting on the job and sent V some sexy emails. She likes them and makes her horny. I try to get her to reveil her fantasies but she only occassionally does that. What a turn on when she does. She is one sexy horny woman. She has nasty nasty thoughts but keeps most to herself. When I got home a week or so ago she had already consumed most of a bottle of wine and was in a platform bra with those beautiful tits of hers occassionally under a light robe and occassionally visible although I was so hard that it only made it sweeter not that it changed anything. We don't have to pretend anymore. We were going to fuck and fuck hard and we both knew it and were looking forward to it and planning. I love to fuck her any way possible and try to do that. This day I had been thinking about her love for cum and how much I would like to cum in her mouth. She lets me on a regular basis. She doesn't let me she wants it on a regular basis but we like variety to. She is never a prude but with some sexy emails and a bottle of wine she turns into a slut in the bedroom and I love her for it. Most guys would die to have what I get on a regular basis. We no more than hit the bed and she had my dick in her mouth and she went after it with avengence. I had to waive her off and eat her pussy to keep from cumming way early. Her pussy is so sweet and I love eating it. One of the things she shared with me is that she loves to be eaten and likes my fingers. Several at the same time. She is nasty and wonderful. I can get her off in just a couple minutes if she is being a real slut like this night so I did. I think at least three times and good knee throbbing orgasms. Then she wanted fucked so we did. She likes doggy a lot though we usually start with missionary and then switch from there. I have to be careful with doggy that is doesn't get me off as it is sooo good. I like to drag her over to the side of the bed and let her head hang over and fuck her mouth. What a hot position and what a hot woman that likes to do that. Sometimes like this night I will lean forward and eat her pussy while I am fucking her mouth. I finger fucked her with three fingers while I licked her clit and she exploded again but she had me there also. I could tell she wanted it so I didn't hold back. I blew a huge load right in her mouth and she slurpped it up and didn't spill. What a wonderous relief and a wonderful wife. We swung around in bed and she climbed my body to give me a deep deep sensual kiss that still had the taste of cum on it. She makes it very sexy and sensual the way she does it. We hold each other close that says I love you like nothing else. She is hot and wonderful and I hope to fuck her again tonight. I should every night but have to go away to realize it.