Thursday, 15 July 2010


I travel a lot. If I work around home I take V for granted. If I travel I have more time to think and I think of V. I miss her right away and if I think much I get a hard on. She is so hot and I must be away a few miles to realize it. I think about her and her world clas blow jobs and get a hard on. I can't believe I didn't fuck her last night but I was too close. I am a few hundred miles away and wonder what I was thinking last night. I fucked her Sunday morning. We like morningers better now than days gone by. She had gotten up and was ready for coffee. She saw my dick hard as a rock and was ready to go back to bed. Side bar here. I have been taking extenze for a couple months and it works for me. I was a good six inches and seven with help. Now I am a good seven inches eight with help. She always said I didn't need anything that I was just right. She doesn't complain now. She seems to like it a lot. She has always liked dick and rarely turned me down but I think its even better. We did a variety of positions. She loves to be on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs pulled way up while I drive it hard and deep. We like to stand up and drive it from behind also. I got her to climax at least three times orally. I lick her clit and shove from one to four fingers in at the same time. She gets off with that quite quickly. She finally rolled off and began sucking and jacking and watching. She loves to see me cum. She worked for awhile and would help with her mouth. I finally came and she recieved most of it in her mouth and watched some also. I ignored her since but with me being on the road I am going to fuck her in style tonight. I asked her to meet me in lingerie with a drink and a hot wet pussy. I try to write something sexy to her in an email when I get hot and hope it does the same for her. I encourage her to jack off and be hot and wet for me. She usually does. She got good at jacking off while I was in Iraq and continues mostly at my request. She is hot. I should not neglect her. I need to fuck her more as it is always good. I will tonight.