Saturday, 27 September 2008

sexy woman

V has always been sexy. She was skinny with big tits when she was young. Her tits have grown to be exquisit in maturity. They are absolutely perfect. I love to lick and tease the nipples and V loves to have them played with. I am discovering that she likes it more than I ever knew. Her tits get very erect when she is really turned on. She is a great fuck all the time but when she really gets turned on and her nipples get erect she is an absolute slut in the best terms of the name. She is always willing to participate in about anything but with erect nipples she is an animal. One of the sexiest animals you can imagine. No you probably can't imagine an animal that sexy. I would have never wished for a partner as sexy as V because I could not imagine anything that sexy. She has grown into my new standard of sexy. V is redefining porn for me. I no longer enjoy watching some gorgeous gal sucking dick and looking at the camera. I enjoy watch a good looking gal that loves the dick. She pays attention to the dick and is not shocked by the cum but savors it. Thats the way V is and I don't enjoy porn that delivers less. She is better sexier and sluttier and prettier than any porn but I still enjoy watching porn. V enjoys porn also and we seldom see more than a few minutes of any dvd. I have wanted to make our own as we are much better and nastier than anything we have seen in video but she is a little shy to do that. She is not shy in what she wants to do for me but she doesn't want to take the risk of others seeing how good she is. She is the kind of woman that loves my dick and makes love to it. She like to have her 36D tits fucked because her tits are sensitive and great but she likes to watch my dick close to her face. She accidentally got a facial and absolutely loved it. She says it keeps her face young looking and I think she is right. She loves to play in cum when I put it on her tits and tummy. She really loves the taste and swallow it when I put it in her mouth. She will suck it and swalllow it and smile. It is so sexy I can't describe it. I am trying to get her to slow down and show me with it in her mouth before she swallows but she likes it so much its hard to get her to slow down and enjoy more. What ever she does is sexy. She is kind of like the song "She Don't know Shes beautiful". I do tell her but she is modest and thinks her body is less than it really is. Her blow jobs are amazing. I sometimes feel so guilty that a lot of men never or seldom get a blow job least wise a great one. V's are so good I can't describe them. Sometimes she will use a blow job as foreplay and sometimes she uses it to finish. Both are great. We have occassionally gone 69 late in session and came together. What a treat. She is so sexy after taking a load in the mouth. Its like her whole body is softer and her smile is definitely softer and she is like a sex machine. She is ready to take anything at that point. She is always willing and after taking a load in the mouth she gets so sexy I can't even fully describe it but it is wonderful. We have gone 69 with her on the bottom and her head bent back over the bed. We both came at the same time in that position and it was special. She can give me a hand job and make it special. She just has a sexy way about her that makes anything we do with sex good. We are talking about imposing a no clothes rule where we wear no clothes or sexy clothes after 730 at night. We find each other so sexy that we think this will be fun. Its all about fun for us. We both enjoy sex and she enjoys all the things that most men long for. She savors what many women won't try. She is amazing and sexy. Let yourselves go with your partners and you may find that cum slut you always wanted. She may find that she really likes cum like mine did. Its a wonderful life.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Virgin to cum slut and getting better/nastier

V was a virgin when we started dating and she gave her virinity to me. I am proud that she did but she has turned into a cum loving whore that is much better than an inexperienced virgin. We have always had good sex but we thought missionary was the only position and if we fucked on our sides it was quite daring. We progessed slowly as we both were always so damned horny that we would try new things. V wanted to take a load in the mouth when we were dating and I was too stupid to let it happen. I stopped her and it took years to get back to that point. She thought I was a prude and I thought she was a prude and we respect each other too much to take a chance on offending the other. Of course we couldn't talk about sex as that just wasn't done. Our sex progressed to V giving me world class blow jobs and occassionally taking a load in the mouth. Having V allow me to blow a load in her mouth and swallowing every drop has always been and always will be special to me. She is good at it. I had this fantasy where V would lay down about waist high on her back and bend her head back and let me fuck her throat. One night in hot passion I told her of my fantasy and she is always ready to try absolutely anything. I just have to think of it and she will try it. Well it took some instruction but we did it and it was quite pleasing to me. Couldn't tell what V thought but there were no complaints. We usually try numerous positions during a fuck session and did this night also. We tried the the position several more times and the more we did it the more we liked it or I did anyway. One night we had been fucking for some time and had several positions. We moved to my throat fuck fantasy and it was wonerful. V seemed to be enjoying it also and I found that I could bend forward and lick her pussy as she was getting her throat fucked. That was kind of like sending electricity through both of us when I did. It was soooo fucking good. Vs beautiful mouth being fucked by my thick longer than average dick and going deep. At the same time tongue fucking her pussy and twirling her clit. I couldn't hold back and a huge load let go right in Vs throat. I was worried that V might not like it as she usually initiates when I cum in her mouth. I wasn't sure the mood was right. My dick swelled and blew and she immediately did the same. Vs pussy immediately started throbbing as she was taking that big load in the mouth. My orgasm was huge and long and so was hers. She has big ones and little ones and she likes them all. This one was big and lasted a long time. That gives me time to really enjoy as her pussy as it contracts on my tonuge and the taste of the juices is wonderful. The feeling of pumping a load in that beautiful mouth is beyond belief. We lay there in each others mouths longer than normal enjoying what we had done. Then I got up and pulled her up to where we were laying with one another and we just held each other tight. We were hot sweaty and naked and she deep kissed me. The taste of love and love juices is wonderful and nothing says I love you quite like that. We are going to do that again but so far we are trying new ways to cum. Eventually we will go back to some really good ones but for now they are all good. V is such a love kitten after she has cum and taken a load in the mouth. Nothing quite like that. Nothing quite like making her like that either. Life is good and sex better.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Just plain luck

V and I went to a little resort in the desert for a weekend away. We got an upgrade room with a jacuzzi. It was in fact a hot tub not just a jaccuzzi. It was very large. We make no false pretenses as to what we take weekends like this for. We go to fuck plain and not so plain and any way that comes to mind. V loves to fuck as much at least as I do and I think of it continually. We stock up ahead of time for the weekend on booze and wine. Around us a glass of wine is like a porn movie. Show a porn movie and your going to get fucked. Have a glass of wine and your going to get fucked. We will substitute sometimes for liquor. The night we drank tequilla shooters in Las Vegas. V lost what little inhibition she had that night and fucked and sucked me better than any $5ooo call girl even knew how. V knows how and did it all that night. Well a glass of cheap wine will guarantee a fuck and a blow job and we had plenty. We had plenty of tequilla just in case V wanted to lose her inhibition again. We got in the room and immediately had a couiple glasses of wine. I already knew I was going to be fucked repeatedly but V is self conscious of her beautiful body. I don't know why. She has the face of an angel and the body of a porn queen but she has to have some wine to show it off. A drink or two will get you fucked like a Reno whore and a bottle will let you have her in the daylight. Shots of tequilla will let you play any game you want with a smile. Actually she fucks and sucks like a Reno whore when she is dead sober and I love her for it. Thats an understatement because she really enjoys what she does unlike a Reno whore that does it as a job. She really loves a big dick and a hard hard fuck and adores cum in her mouth. We had a couple glasses of wine quickly as time was wasting and then got in the hot tub nude with glass in hand. We rubbed each other a little and then were on the edge where V could give really good head. Trust me my little cum slut gives good head. She loves giving almost as much as I like recieving. She worked me over like a pro no better than any pro that night. I didn't last long and she had a mouth full. Her body quivers when I cum in her mouth. You can tell she really enjoys it. She is so calm and has a satisfied and glassy eyed look that is wonderful. She looks like the sexiest thing I have ever seen at that point. Come to think of it she is anyway and this makes her even better. She comes up with a smirk on her face and gives me a deep kiss that lets me know how much she loves me and appreciates my cum. From there its about three minutes til I am hard as a rock again and take her to the kitchen table. She lays down on her back and I fuck her with her legs in the air hard and she is enjoying every minute. I don't remember how many times she came but she is easy and really good after the first. The first she will make you work for but then she is all yours for as many as she can hold up for. If she is having the big ones she can only stand a half dozen but the little ones can go all night. Either way she turns into a sex animal after the first. I can work for the first for the reward after. Tonight is no different. She came while giving me a blow job and was an animal wanting dick now. She was getting it and we both loved it. The table lasted awhile and we found ourselves outside on the lawn. It wasn't like a walk way but it wasn't fenced off either. Kind of dangerous and she wanted it every way there. We went doggie there. I have long enough arms to reach her tits and clit while we go doggie. Maybe thats why she likes it so much. She says I really get deep that way. I can brace and shove my thick dick deep deep in her cunt this way and play with her hard nipples at the same time. She usually comes some more this way to my delight. I like her orgasms almost as much as mine. Maybe its the way her pussy seems to suck on my dick when she cums hard and contracts. She has beautiful equipment and knows how to use it. She knows how to enjoy it as well as use it. That makes and amazing mix of expertise and pleasure. V has studied me and is an expert at what I like and what she likes and knows how to put the two together to make sex the most enjoyable thing on the planet for us. Nothing makes me happier than her cumming and she is so attentive and appreciative when I cum. Well we get off doggie in the grass and both lay there exhausted for a minute. We smell of sex and we are sweaty and love one another so much. There is no fragrance that is as sexy on V as the smell of cum and sex. We went back inside and right to bed. We were exhausted but that smell of cum on V was over powering. Knowing that she is the best fuck on the planet and knowing and smelling that she has been fucked is too much. I get hard again and roll over on V. She is so appreciative and spreads her legs. She is too exhausted to do more than open the door but shows her love and desire. Her pussy is so slick with cum and so hot. I penetrate slow. I am too tired but enjoy the marvelous hot pussy and the amazing feel of a sloppy second. She is so wonderful. We slow fuck for awhile not anticipating a climax but just an I love you fuck. V never disappoints and before long she starts to convulse and her thighs jerk. Her tight pussy contracts and starts that sucking like a good blow job and she keeps it up. I can't hold out against those odds and another belly wrenching cumshot into her pussy. We so enjoy a deep shot into her pussy occassionally. Its not a big load after all those times but it is a good one. We lay there with me in her for awhile just ejoying each others presents inside one another. We just like being inside one another. She says I love you and I love your dick and I say I love her and her pussy. She says would you like to lick me and I smile and say nothing. I just slide down on her. She is so relaxed and her pussy is oozing that small but good cumshot. Her clit is still swollen like an acorn. I lick a long soft lick the length of her pussy. The tast is amazing with her and me combined. Then I touch her clit and all it takes is a touch. She explodes in a thigh wrenching orgasm. I take advantage of the moment and lick harder which makes it last longer as she sqeezes cum out of her cunt with the lengthy orgasm. We are both too exhausted to do it again. We hug in each others arms and fall asleep smelling of wonderful sex from head to toe. We wake the next morning to fuck again and get ready for a day of nothing but sex and each other. Nothing is better than my sex goddess fucking me all day and night. She likes to altenate where I cum but loves it in the mouth as do I. Her tits are a turn on as a cum depository. Her face is more beautiful with cum on it than normal and its normally beautiful. The more I fuck her the sexier she looks and the more I want to fuck her. She is insatiable and loves to experiment. She loves cum and she love me. Just plain luck.
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