Saturday, 27 September 2008

sexy woman

V has always been sexy. She was skinny with big tits when she was young. Her tits have grown to be exquisit in maturity. They are absolutely perfect. I love to lick and tease the nipples and V loves to have them played with. I am discovering that she likes it more than I ever knew. Her tits get very erect when she is really turned on. She is a great fuck all the time but when she really gets turned on and her nipples get erect she is an absolute slut in the best terms of the name. She is always willing to participate in about anything but with erect nipples she is an animal. One of the sexiest animals you can imagine. No you probably can't imagine an animal that sexy. I would have never wished for a partner as sexy as V because I could not imagine anything that sexy. She has grown into my new standard of sexy. V is redefining porn for me. I no longer enjoy watching some gorgeous gal sucking dick and looking at the camera. I enjoy watch a good looking gal that loves the dick. She pays attention to the dick and is not shocked by the cum but savors it. Thats the way V is and I don't enjoy porn that delivers less. She is better sexier and sluttier and prettier than any porn but I still enjoy watching porn. V enjoys porn also and we seldom see more than a few minutes of any dvd. I have wanted to make our own as we are much better and nastier than anything we have seen in video but she is a little shy to do that. She is not shy in what she wants to do for me but she doesn't want to take the risk of others seeing how good she is. She is the kind of woman that loves my dick and makes love to it. She like to have her 36D tits fucked because her tits are sensitive and great but she likes to watch my dick close to her face. She accidentally got a facial and absolutely loved it. She says it keeps her face young looking and I think she is right. She loves to play in cum when I put it on her tits and tummy. She really loves the taste and swallow it when I put it in her mouth. She will suck it and swalllow it and smile. It is so sexy I can't describe it. I am trying to get her to slow down and show me with it in her mouth before she swallows but she likes it so much its hard to get her to slow down and enjoy more. What ever she does is sexy. She is kind of like the song "She Don't know Shes beautiful". I do tell her but she is modest and thinks her body is less than it really is. Her blow jobs are amazing. I sometimes feel so guilty that a lot of men never or seldom get a blow job least wise a great one. V's are so good I can't describe them. Sometimes she will use a blow job as foreplay and sometimes she uses it to finish. Both are great. We have occassionally gone 69 late in session and came together. What a treat. She is so sexy after taking a load in the mouth. Its like her whole body is softer and her smile is definitely softer and she is like a sex machine. She is ready to take anything at that point. She is always willing and after taking a load in the mouth she gets so sexy I can't even fully describe it but it is wonderful. We have gone 69 with her on the bottom and her head bent back over the bed. We both came at the same time in that position and it was special. She can give me a hand job and make it special. She just has a sexy way about her that makes anything we do with sex good. We are talking about imposing a no clothes rule where we wear no clothes or sexy clothes after 730 at night. We find each other so sexy that we think this will be fun. Its all about fun for us. We both enjoy sex and she enjoys all the things that most men long for. She savors what many women won't try. She is amazing and sexy. Let yourselves go with your partners and you may find that cum slut you always wanted. She may find that she really likes cum like mine did. Its a wonderful life.

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