Thursday, 2 October 2008

She loves my dick

V has really turned into a cum whore and what a treat. Many a man fantasizes about how to get his partner to take load in the mouth. V loves my dick and she makes love to it. She has longish dark hair and when she gets between my legs and bends forward her hair will fall forward and make a tent around my dick. When this happens she is usually really turned on and the whole hair thing is so sexy. It means she is making love to my dick and will probably take it all the way to climax. She will be licking my dick just under the head and teasing me. She loves to tease and she can feel me build and get ready to cum. She will take me there and then back off and tease some more. Then she can take my whole dick and deep throat it. She will be teasing me and teasing me and it is such a relief and thrill as she deep throats and takes it all. She will deep throat til she feels that swelling and then go to the end and tease again. She can twirl her tongue around the head of my dick and drive me wild. Her blow jobs are so sloppy and sensual and when she swings around for some 69 with her on top it is hard to keep from cumming. V goes after my dick like it is a new lover and when I can't hold it any longer she will give me relief and let me blow the load in her mouth. She typically will swallow every drop. I have a fantasy of having her show me a mouth full of cum but she doesn't hesitate to swallow and it usually makes her totally horny when she does. If we are 69 when I cum she is so easy to make her blow a load also which is double amazing. She always has a nice smile after taking a load as is sooo sexy. I don't know what it does to her but it is wonderful. She is so soft and sexy and can kiss so deep. When she first started giving head she wouldn't kiss me after like she thought I wouldn't like it. I protested and it seemed like a relief to her. Her kisses are never sweeter than after she has taken a load in mouth. She turns into the aggressor and uses her tongue deep in my throat and what a thrill it is. She is my personal whore and good at it and loves cum. What a combo. I think about that moment when I release in her mouth and it makes me want to do it again. I think about the reward when she smiles and kisses me and I really want to do it again.

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