Sunday, 5 October 2008

A letter to V

I minimized my paperwork and found an email waiting for me to finish. I love chatting with you. I can do it forever. We both have things to do but I love talking to you. I fantasize about getting together with you and fucking. Can hardly wait to get back and fuck you every day. Its more like planning than fantasizing about it. I keep learning more about what a truly sexy person you really are and it drives me wild. The more I find you are willing and wanting to do the more I want to do. The wanting to get more daring is the best part. That I am not dragging you along. You are leading me at least as much as I am leading you and sex just gets better. The really sexy part is your insatiable desire. I knew you liked sex but had no idea how much or how MUCH. Your insatiable appetite for sex is wonderful and amazing. Your adventuring approach is more than I ever hoped for in a wife or partner or lover. I hate to call you wife and am so proud to call you wife at the same time. It seems so ordinary to call you wife and there is nothing ordinary about your approach and desire for sex. To call you my lover is quite accurate but falls so short and leaves out the fact that you are my loving wife. To call you partner is appropriate for either wife or lover. I can't imagine anyone having a mistress that could be as adventuresome and hungry for sex and we are but we can do it every night or nearly every night. You can't imagine how thrilled I am to keep learning more about you. Forty years fucking you and I am finally discovering things about your body and desire and needs. Its wonderful. When you will let down and tell me a fantasy like your cream pie it is such a thrill. When you talk about sex with me and I start to sense your true desire for sex. It is so much more than just a desire for sex. A desire to explore and your willingness try anything is so great. I may be wrong but I just don't envision many other wives doing that. I can't never tell you how much it means to me. I am so excited to get a green light to cum in your mouth more and I think we may be able to use that to last even longer at our sessions and enjoy even more. I would have never gone down on you after cumming in you without your suggestion but am so looking forward to doing that. Hope it is like you describe and you cum when my tongue touches your clit. Feeling you cum is such a turn on. I also love your tits and thought you would grow tired of me playing with them. Your continued sensitivity there is an amazing find and the ability to bring you to climax with your tits is something I thought but wasn't for sure. They are amazing in more ways than one. They are perfect. They are going to get more attention than I have given them in the past. No use letting a sex tool like that lay dormant. Instead of using one spot and moving to another I want to over whelm your senses. The more sensual spots I can cover the better. I love putting my fingers in your pussy and thought you only liked it occasionally and just a little. I am really looking forward to playing with your clit and putting three fingers in your pussy. I might even see if I can slip in a fourth just to see if it thrills you. I like using lube on my finger and on your clit but didn't know you liked it like you do. We can do that a lot more. I am thinking that reverse cowgirl and kind of relax while I gently massage your sweet clit with my finger will be a very nice thing to savor. Hopefully we have some lube now that will stimulate your clit and help out. If not it will be fun anyway. Me letting you know that it is desired to have you play with your clit when you can. I have tried to get you to do that for years and never told you. Well that should be fun as I have seen your finger do its job and it can help while I fuck your brains out at the same time. I had no idea you liked cum the way you do and thats going to be so fun for us. We can use that for a lot of fun. You can do what you want with it. You can taste it or play in it. I know you like it so you don't have to hold back any more. I am hoping you will show it when its in your mouth some times just cuz it sounds sexy to me for some reason. I hope I can convince you of you beautuful your body is so you are comfortable with yourself. You are absolutely gorgeous. I want you more in the daylight so I can look for your G spot and just play. You will have to be totally comfortable with me and you to let me truly play with your pussy the way I want to. Like when you are tired and totally surrender to me and let me fuck you and pleasure you and you lay there and enjoy. That kind of comfortable. I love you so much. I am going to send this cuz I want your response. Love You. CWTFY

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