Thursday, 2 October 2008


I was away from V for a few months last year and we got into phone sex. We were able to hook up every few months and have a serious fuck session. I you are together and don't fuck for awhile you can kind of get lazy but when your apart you get so horny. We got together for two weeks after a couple months apart and we fucked for eight days. One Sunday we hardly got out of the room. We fucked in the morning for hours and then near noon and went out for a sandwich before going back and fucking for hours in the evening. By the eigth day V could hardly walk as she got on the airplane to leave. This is not unusual for us we can fuck for days and hours. On one occassion we had fucked for days and aggreed we were too tired to fuck so we just held each other. Before long my dick was hard and her nipples were erect and we were fucking like rabbits. We still laugh about that. It was wonderful sex. We have been apart for some time this time and not able to get together. We are using video to communicate and I showed V my dick on line. She loved it and had to go jack off. Next thing I let her look at me jacking off and before long she was jacking off as well. Those beautiful 36 D tits were on display and she leaned back and played with her clit. We fed on one another and I let my cum just fly. It drove her crazy and she achieved at least two ogasms while watching. She is so beautiful when she is jacking herself off and she gets so turned on watching my dick and she specially likes cum. She likes it on line and in her mouth she just likes cum. Well I would rather have my dick in her in any way than on line. I have to admit that I was much more satisfied cumming with her than doing it alone. I isn't as good as putting the cum on her somewhere but is beats the hell out of doing it alone. My recommendation is to try it. I can't wait to get home to her and cum on every part of her body and in every part of her body. For now electrons are better than nothing.

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