Friday, 14 January 2011

quicky with the sunday school teacher

I had time sitting around to look at some porn and think of V. That always makes me horny as hell. I can't bellieve I have been fucking this woman for 45 years and she still turns me on. I still think shes beautiful and can't wait to get home to her and fuck her again. I have been working long hours but have time to sit mid day and dream and veiw some porn. I get up very early like 0300 and come home 530 to 730. Last night was 730 and I was shot. The night before I got horny thinking of V and sent her some nasty emails propositioning her. I told her to have on something sexy and I would fuck her hard. She had just gotten home and didn't have to dress for the occassion but after super grabbed my dick and said yes I want to fuck. She jumped right on my dick and blew me for a long time. I laid her down and ate her to several orgasms and it didn't take long. I wanted to do it and again and she said no lets screw. So we did. We both enjoy me being deep in her and pounding and we did that for quite awhile. At least two more orgasms for her and then she layed me down and started working my dick with her hand and mouth til I blew my load. She is good trust me. All from a woman that looks and acts like a good looking sunday school teacher. She loves cum in her mouth and pussy or just on her body. Specially her tits. Don't know what else to ask for as she would do it.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

horny woman and mine

I have some time to catch up. I and V have gotten older and we just continue to get hornier. We were pretty sexual when we were 19 years old. We didn't know shit about making love or fucking but we tried a lot. Maybe I should say she let me try a lot and enjoyed it. Even now looking back she says she enjoyed it. I sure did tho I was a terrible lover. I do have a pretty good sized dick and maybe that was why she didn't kick me to the curb and find someone that could really fuck her. She had orgasms quite often tho not always. Of course I always did and sometimes several. The joy of youth. We have grown to be really friends and now we talk about sex and the old days. I have had it really good for a long time. Our sex is better now as we get over some of the hangups of high school in farm country. Now she can admit that she loves sex and wants dick and loves to suck dick and swallow cum. You couldn't do that in high school even tho you may have felt that way you couldn't admit it. You can't admit it as the church secretary even now. V normally dresses quite conservative like the church secretary that she is but in the bedroom she is now an awesome slut. She will do or try anything I ask of her. She doesn't like anal so we just leave that alone but thats all. I mean thats all. She not only is willing to do anything else but she likes it. A lot. She doesn't initiate sex very often even tho I keep prompting her that I would like that. I have gone in in the morning while she is asleep and just waking up. I am usually hard as a rock from just thinking of my sleeping beauty and what a sexy desirable woman she is. I have just lubed up and stuck my dick deep inside her and she will smile with pleasure and I can feel her become aroused and shortly she is fucking me and I can feel her cum. Her pussy feels like its sucking my dick when she cums and oh what a feeling. We love to play and she loves recieving oral nearly as much as I like recieving it. I can usually get her off multiple times before I fuck her. If we fuck. We have given each other oral til we both came and I never fucked her. That was great. She likes the taste of cum. It turns her on when I cum in her mouth and even tho she had cum several times already like maybe 3 or 4. She came when I did again from shear lust. Lately I got her off at least 4 times and then we fucked. She was cow girl and fucking me hard. We had agreed to go easy as she was sore from the night before. In true V style she got on cow girl and fucked me hard until I exploded inside her and as I did she came. Her pussy started sucking the cum out of my dick and I thought she might pass out. It was quite incredible. There is always something new and always something better. Writing this makes me horny and she will fuck me about any time I want so I think tonight I want as she always does.