Sunday, 28 February 2010

39 years of marriage 41 years of fucking

The wife and I have been fucking insatiably lately. We fucked yesterday when she got home from work. I had supper ready. I left her an email and told her I was horny as hell. She went right in and got into some sexy lingerie. We had supper with wine and then right to some porn videos. I am so lucky that she likes porn and it turns her on just like me. I have a new porn video with an unlikely porn star. She is short overweight and just hot as hell. One scene starts with her with a huge load of cum all over her face and some guy I think her hubby licking it when a black guy pumps a load into her mouth and then does it again. Its really hot and V likes it too. Well a few drinks and porn and off to bed. We have been having hot monkey sex in all positions and multiple times. V has relaxed and can cum with my oral a couple times to get going and she keeps cumming through the sex. I love to lick her clit with three fingers stroking her pussy and that doesn't take long til I can feel her pussy is throbbing uncontrolably on my fingers. If I am on I can hold her in that orgasm for an extended period of time. Sometimes they will get really intense as her pussy really throbs and she moans with ecstasy. She eventually makes me stop at which time I will try to just slow really slow til she can rest enough to take another. We can usually do that several times during a session. She will give me head to allow her pussy to rest and then I have to give her head to keep from exploding myself. I love to have her upside down and fuck her mouth while I occassionally bend over and lick her clit. Last night I was about to explode and she wanted fucked so we fucked missionary a bit and her pussy just sucked on my dick but I held out for a fairly long session. She came at least two times during that. I began to tense up and she new I was going to cum. I pull out and kneeled so she could suck my dick and she loves to do that. I began to cum and it was protracted and only a small load in her mouth but wonderful. It makes her mouth taste really sexy when it has that cum after taste. My dick was still hard and I went back into her pussy and just a short time came a lot. I did it while tasting that sexy mouth of hers with the cum after taste. A short interlude and we did it again but this time a much shorter session and pretty much was a very very sensual missionary where her pussy sucks my dick and we both say I love you with the way we fuck and enjoy one another. I dumped a smaller load in her pussy at which time we were exhausted and called it a night. We both slept well and I woke her up with a hard dick and a short sensual fuck. She came before me and then again with me. She is an amazing lover and a hot fuck. She loves to suck me and take the load in her mouth and she loves everthing else too. Through the session she kept saying, " you will have to be careful I am getting sore". Then she would fuck my brains out one more time and let me finger her to an orgasm one more time. I love her dearly.