Wednesday, 2 July 2008

typical couple

I am tired of being stereotyped as the old married couple. We have been married a long time. If you listen to most post we should be into hallway sex. Thats where you meet in the hallway and say fuck you fuck you. Nothing could be further from the truth and I am so very glad of it. We are a great distance apart right now and are having syber sex and we were apart a year ago and we were having phone sex. I tell you don't knock it til you have tried it. V is a very sexy lady and has turned into quite a sex kitten since the kids have leaved the nest. I will tell you about that some other day. What we do on the syber sex is talk about our sex. I watch a lot of porn with us apart and I see none of the girls in the porn are as good as V. I kind of like the more mature stuff as those older gals know what they want and how to get it. When some guy cums in their mouth its give me that baby and pump me full. The younger gals are posing for the camera and pulling a smile out of left field. The older gals aren't going to waste a drop they want it. They have earned it don't spill it and I am going to enjoy it. Well V loves it more than them. She does it all better. Sometimes she goes after my dick because she wants a load of cum and wow is she hot when she does that. Well what I wanted to say is that we have been having really good sex for a long time. As we recount our trisks we were talking about being in Army school in the desert. She didn't want to go originally but had a great time once there. We entertained each other by fucking every night. We weren't as good at it as we are now but I am telling you we didn't notice back then. We started off fucking in bed and then on the floor and back then V wanted to be seduced a little. Very damn little and she would be on her back with her legs spread wanting me to drive it deep. She has always loved to fuck and I was too dumb to realize how much. Its a lot. She still had some hang ups about how much and maybe she wasn't suppose to enjoy it even tho she did. I think thats why she wanted to be seduced a little. That way she didn't feel guilty when she was laying on her back with my big dick driving it home. We fucked in many positions but hadn't gotten to the full array yet but we have always liked the missionary and doggy a lot. We now can admit that no shit It goes deeper in the doggy and thats a good reason to like it. Anyay we think back and we have been having good sex for a lot of years. I dated her for four years and we have been married for thirty seven. Wow. She is better now and she was good then. She let me fuck her after a month or so of dating and even though it wasn't very regular we have been fucking ever since. A lot of people think that a couple gets tired of each other and sex suffers. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know every inch of her body and where the sensitive spots are and brother I use them. She knows how sensitive the head of my dick is and how to drive me totally insane with her tongue. In the old days we had great sex and occassionally she would have an orgasm and she was fine with that. Now I know how to bring her to orgasm and sometimes if we have time can get between six and twelve from her. She is very appreciative. I love bringing her up almost as much as me. Once she cums once more is easyier and once she cums she turns into my own personal whore. She will do anything and I mean anything. By the time she has had six or more she is so fucking turned on and aware of me that she will us all of those womanly skills to bring me to a huge orgasm and she will take it in the mouth and never spill a drop. She almost swallows too quickly rather than play with it and she is ready for more. Even as old as we are she has brought me to climax three times in an evening. The first couple were in her pussy and the last in her skilled mouth. I wouldn't have gotten the third without her special skills and attention. Well it has been great for us so don't fear growing older. It can be very sexy and very fullfilling. We know each other and have more stamina. We can fuck for hours I mean hours and never miss a beat. Look forward and learn use your knowledge and skills. Enough for now. Enjoy your parnter don't trade her in.

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