Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Marriage and sex

V and I have been married for 37 years. A lot of our freinds have gotten divorces. I don't claim to be an expert on marriage but I have a couple thoughts that might help some of the people that might read this. First I will tell you that V has always been a sexy gal. She was only 15 when we started dating and it wasn't long before I was playing with the tightest sweetest little pussy you can imagine. We would deep kiss and then I would work my way to rubbing her pussy and she would almost flow with moisture. She was and is great. Well we weren't very good at fucking but we didn't know any better. We kind of learned together over the years. V is as good a teacher as she is a learner. She is willing to learn anytime and she can teach also. V went from a good fuck and loving wife to a cum slutt whore a few years ago and I love it. She says its because the kids are out of the house and she is no longer worried about discovery or just to damn tired to fuck hard. What ever the reason I am a dumb shit. We were dating and driving up highway 101 in the middle of the night. She leaned over and took my dick in her mouth and started to suck and lick and it was wonderful. I don't know how the hell I stayed on the road with that kind of activity but luckily there was no traffic. I had never had a blow job before and at nineteen it was a wonderful experience. It probably didn't last long as I was pretty quick in those days. V brought me up and I danced on the edge of climax for some time. She had her head burried in my crotch and was going for it. I was afraid to cum in her mouth even though I wanted to. I was afraid of respect of I don't know what but I pushed her away and came. She came up with her eyes back in her head and gave me a deep deep kiss. I have always regretted not cumming. I should have let her go. We went years without blow jobs and then more time with just licking and sucking. We had great sex but I like a lot of men wanted a good blow job. We were finally at a resort on our anniversary and having heated very very hot sex and she gave me a blow job. A great one I might say. When she could feel me reaching the explosion point I said I am going to cum. She just dug in harder and I exploded in her mouth. It was absolutely marvelous. It was better than I had ever imagined and I had thought of it a lot. She slid up beside me and seemed so satisfied. I was afraid she did it just for me but was very grateful holy shit was I grateful. I tell you girls if you want presents this is the way to get them wow. Well I want to say that Vs blow jobs have increased and so has her technic. Let me tell you boys she's good real good. She has me cum in her mouth sometimes and sometimes she wants it on her tits or her tummy she absolutely loves cum. When I cum in her mouth she doesn't play she swallows like she doesn't want anyone else to have it. She is wild and good and sexy and beautiful. The point is that she is this sex kitten that was working her way out of boredom for years. I don't know what would have happened if I had cum in her mouth when we were teenagers but as much as she likes it now I think I waisted a lot of time. Not waisted as our sex has always been good but now it is great I mean great. How many of you would like to have a beautiful wife that can't get enough cock and loves to swallow. She is amazing. Well what I started to say is I think that is one reason we have been together so long. We keep experimenting. She is willing to try anything and loves almost everthing. I think a lot marriages break up because the husbands don't ever cum in their wifes mouth. Someone said have an afair with your spouse or someone else will. I think specially women get to their forties or fifties and realize that life is short and they are not sexually fulfilled and the only way to get it is divorce. Get off your ass men. Have an affair with you wife. I find as V and I explore that she really likes sex blow jobs cum anywhere anytime public sex deep sex sex outdoors and any other turn ons. It took me years to discover and we are still going and fucking and loving. Fuck your wife like she was a slut. Fuck her hard like a stranger. Fuck her like she wants to be fucked or she will probably find someone to do it instead of you. My wife is great and getting better with age way better. Get better with her or lose her. Old age can be so damn fun or so damn lonely. I know there are other reasons for divorce but I bet the truth be known that this is number one. It is totally fixable and more pleasure than you can imagine. I am looking forward now to retirement because that means I will be with V and fucking her hard every day.

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