Thursday, 28 August 2008

the shower

The Sunday is a little cloudy so we dedcide to stay indoors....its a good day for indoor play. We have a couple of glasses of wine. You put on a fuck movie and we watch for a little while...we get too hot to stand it. I ask if you want a shower?? We head into the bathroom. I take your clothes off you and then you undress me. By that time you are already hard and i cant resist your cock. I take it in my mouth even before we get in. It tastes delicious..we head into the shower and you start to wash my it feels so good. You then start to wash my pussy...i tell you, you forgot the soap! It feels so good that you keep rubbing me and find my clit...oh boy, my knees feel weak and you kinda have to support me...dont stop now!! You have me so close..... you put two fingers in me and keep working my clit...WOW i come all over your fingers..the feeling is exquisite..... you want to bring me to another one but by now i want dick and i want it now. I go down on my knees and take the whole cock in my are hot and throbbing. I work your dick with my hand and taste sooo good. Iwash you with soap and you can hardly stand it...i then rinse you off and take you again in my eager mouth. Licking and sucking all up and down the shaft. You tighten up and try to push me away waiting till we can hit the bed but i keep going wanting the sweet reward at the end..... you cum so hard and hot in my just keep is soooo wonderful. I love how you look at me afterwards. We dry each other off and head to the bed where you immediately start to eat my are sooo good and make me cum numerous times. I want to fuck so you stand up and pull me over to the edge of the bed. I turn over and you take me from behind. You drive it in so deep You are so deep it hurts...but hurts oh so good!! You reach around and play with my clit...we are so grab my ass and cum at the same time i start the big O..... we are amazing together. We are both spent and love it. I love you so much and want to fuck again!!! I love you more than you will ever know.

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