Monday, 4 August 2008

getting together.

V and I were apart for a few months a couple years ago. We got horny as hell and thats when the phone sex and internet sex got started. I have to admit that the phone sex was better than I thought. If its the only thing you have you make do. I was in South America and V was coming down for Christmas. I arranged for a five star hotel for us to stay at. I am not a fool and know the importance of location. We had a very nice suite with all the amenities and a king size bed. I had to leave hands off V as we came from the airport to the hotel as we were in a car with a driver and in public. We got to the bed room and I got my first chance to touch Vs lovely breast and it was like it was made of clay. She was so horny and her nipples were so hard. Its wonderful to find that she missed me as much as I missed her. We had each others clothes off before we knew it and were rolling in bed. I licked Vs tits and they were wonderful. Her tits are perfect 36Ds anyway and when she is really horny they are amazing. I got her bra off and started to lick those beauties and it was wonderful. It always is and after being deprived for four months they were special and waiting for me. I slid my hand down to her pussy and it was like what the hell are you waiting for I want to be fucked. She was wet already and the lips of her pussy were swelled and waiting. I was going to put her on her back and she put me on mine and had my dick in her mouth before I could say go for it. She attacked my dick with savage enthusiasm. It was wonderful. I rolled her over to a 69 and tasted that sweet wonderful pussy of hers for the first time in four months and it was wonderful. I had a hard time not cumming. Then I turned around and stuck my dick deep inside her and it felt sooo good. Her pussy was so wet and warm and wonderful. I had to stroke slowly to keep from cumming as it had been so long and she is sooo good. I could only stand that for awhile and had to change to avoid cumming. I turned her head over the edge of the bed and let it lay back. Then I began fucking her beautiful face. She is so good at it and then I leaned over and tasted her pussy again. I was trying not to cum and I just exploded. The load was huge. My cum is very thick and sticky and this load of it was absolutely huge. I don't know if it was from being apart for four months or that I had been hard for hours anticipating V showing up and fucking. What ever the reason it was large and I was afraid V would be pissed that I came early. She tried to take it all and cum went in her face and in her throat and she giggled and said. You got it in my hair with a very pleased tone to her voice. That was when I realized that blow jobs aren't just about me. V loves them as much as I do and I was afraid to cum in her mouth except for special occassions. Well I realized that she wants it as much as me. What a treat to have the love of your life love your dick and your cum.
I know some guys would kill to have a lover that really likes dick and loves cum in her mouth. She is truly a special woman. We hugged each other intently savoring marvelous sex. She deep kissed me with her super sexy deep kiss that says I am a whore and all yours. It tells me I can have anything I want and do anything I want. She is my slut and totally available. We fuck another two times before falling asleep. Morning brings a fresh day and fresh sex. Life with V is wonderful. I hope some of you can have half as good a sex as V gives. Most men would be thrilled with half as good. I get it all and I mean all. She gives me everything and more and more importantly she loves it not just gives it. Any woman can give head or pussy. Special women can give it and enjoy it as much as me. V is very special.

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