Saturday, 16 August 2008

She likes cum

V and I are still separated and are both hurting to fuck one another. We do phone sex and cyber sex and talk about what good sex we have. We forget that we have had really good sex for a long time and it just keeps getting better. V gives the most amazing blow jobs. Deep throating seemed to come natural to her and she seems to like it. I can tell you that I do. She will be teasing me. Licking from balls to the head and then flicking her tongue on the head of my dick. Sometimes I will take her head and shove it down and she takes it all like a trooper and with a smile. We were headed for a weekend without the kids a few years ago to a resort in central Oregon and we were driving. V will sit next to me if we have a bench seat and we did at that time. V always dresses conservative if we are in public. She always looks like a librarian til the bedroom and then she looks like I bought her for pleasure. She had on a dress this day and it was warm and we will put an arm around one another to reassure one another that we care and show affection. I put my hand on her thigh just to test and see how far I could get. She reached over and put her hand on my thigh. All V has to do to drive me crazy is touch me. She is such a sexy woman and anything positive sexually drives me crazy. Well I decided to move my hand a little higher and she permitted that and stroked her hand up my thigh. V has great legs and my hand was feeling her soft upper thigh and thinking about how my hand was right next to her pussy. She brought her hand back and rubbed my dick through my pants. I kissed her and her lips seemed softer sexier than normal. Thats a statement of how hot they were now not a put down of normal. She kisses like a fucking sex machine and today was even better. I moved my hand up to her pussy and it was so soft and warm and she had a very pleased look on her face. She rubbed a little harder through my pants and then unzipped them. She pulled my hard dick right out. I moved my hand for a little freedom and slid it under her unders and there was that little tight pussy. She was young and her hair was soft very soft. Her pussy was wet and so damn hot. She Stroked my dick and it drove me wild. I had her lay against me on an angle so I could get my hand on those 36 D tits that are so perfect. They were very erect and the nipples sticking up. I played with those for awhile and then slipped my hand back down her pants. In this position I could reach her pussy much better and I slipped a finger in her pussy. I could tell she really enjoyed it. Her pussy was so wet and tight and hot. I rubbed it a little with my fingers and then shoved a finger in again and then two. She was eating it up. We drove up to the hotel and had to kind of put ourselves together. I had a tent pole in my pants so I sent V in to check in. We took some luggage in but were put in a separate building in a suite and had to reload the luggage. We were still so fucking hot and hurrying to get to the room. We got to the room and it was nice with a kitchenette and separate bedroom. We were in bed in a blink. We had stuff strung all over the room as we wanted to fuck and not mess around. When V and I go anywhere its a fuck weekend. We both love to fuck and location is all it takes to set us both off. This was as hot as we had been getting to a location. We were both naked and in bed in seconds. V had my dick in her mouth before I could she attcked that dick. I was absolutely enjoying myself and there was a knock at the door. I told them to wait a minute and pulled on some pants and just cracked the door. We had leaved a suit case in the lobby in our heated hurry to get to the room and fuck. I just cracked the door and took the suit case and thanked him. I gave him a thank you and five bucks and closed the door. I was back in bed in a flash. V was laying there horny and naked and what a view of her beautiful sexy fuckable body. Absolutely beautiful and waiting to fuck me. Not waiting patiently mind you she wanted fucked but waiting. I climbed on her missionary and slowly fucked her. A slight smile on her face as we enjoyed one another immensely. Then V rolled me over and started to give me another of her amazing blow jobs. I love her pussy after my dick has been in it and she loves my dick after it has been in her wet pussy. I wasn't far from cumming and was worried about this blow job as she was attcking me today. I told her I am close and she never let up she had her hand and mouth and was deep throating me and with such passion I was so fucking horny with this little sunday school teacher sucking me like a whore. I loved it. I could feel it building and tried to pull away but V held on and I blew the biggest load in her mouth. She never flinched. She took in all and never spilled a drop. She continued after that dick til it was absolutely dry and she did it with love. She had a glow on her face of love of satisfaction. She was more beautiful than I had ever seen her before and I was so fucking satisfied. My dick was still hard so I rolled her over to missionary and shove a dick deep inside her. I hugged her while I was doing that I was so thrilled with my wife that I didn't know what to do. Her blow jobs are amazing and she took a huge load and swallowed every drop. She had never done that before. Maybe I screwed up maybe she would be pissed. I was still fucking her and we were both enjoying that. We fucked to another good climax in a few minutes and I put this one deep in her pussy. We layed there and never talked about what a wonderful thing she had done. I found out years later that she had wanted a load it the mouth for some time. My sunday school wife was a cum slut beyond belief and I was just discovering it. She lusted for my dick and my cum and I was too stupid to realize it. Well sex was wonderful to this point and it was going to be a hell of a lot better after this. Men cheat on there wives to get blow jobs and buy hookers. My wife thank god loved cum and is so good at blow jobs. Finding out changed our sex lives forever. She is a better sexier wife than I could have ever thought of. I wouldn't have been smart enough to ask for a wife that gave great oral and liked to swallow. I have one and am so lucky. Men drive for miles and spend large money to get the slut that I don't even have to go to the bedroom for. She loves porn and put on some good porn and she will be on my dick in the living room. If I let go and blow a load in her mouth it turns her on. She will fuck me to death if I do that. So guess what I do it often. She is a wonder and she is mine. She responds to my oral and I love it but thats another blog.

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