Wednesday, 11 May 2011

fantastic lover

V and I have had quite a bit of sex lately. We have a vacation coming up over memorial day. When I say vacation I mean all we do is fuck and suck and enjoy one another. We had been practicing lately and got her sore. When she does that she can develop a yeast infection which just takes time to get rid of. Still quite horny and realizing that V really likes oral we have been doing that lately. Knowing that Vs pussy needed a rest when she got me ready to explode I just let go. Now I normally get her off at least once and usually three or four times first. Its only polite but it also makes her so horny and sexy after she has gotten off. I love oral and get it regularly but only cum in her mouth on special occassions though the act makes it quite special. With her giving her pussy a rest its been the promise of oral and cuming in her mouth from the onset. What a rush. A couple nights ago we had preplanned sex and I got her off at least three times. She gives herself to me now and I know what she likes. She gave me head a time or two for a primer and then went down on me. She is so sexy after she has cum a few times. She went after my dick with avengence and I blew a load in her mouth. As usual she never spilled a drop and then she kind of climbs my body looking very very sexy and smiling. She gives me a deep sexy kiss with the hint of cum on her lips and cuddles. Then I played with her hot wet pussy with my hand and got her off another time. One of those where she arches her back for a long time and moans with pleasure. Thats almost as good for me as her getting me off. I love getting her off and the more times the better. She is a fantastic lover.

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