Monday, 18 April 2011

V and I have not had time for a lot lately. We both still work and cuts down on time together. I don't like that. The older I get the less I like being separated. I have to be gone tomorrow overnight and come back late the next day. I won't be away from V for more than a few hours and I will be thinking of her and wanting to screw her. She is having dental work so I haven't had a blow job for a week or two and really miss that. V is very good at oral and having to do without is kind of rough. I plan to make up for it as soon as her mouth heals. She enjoys giving about as much as I enjoy recieving so its rough on both of us. Shes wanting to go to Las Vegas and we have been short on time with us both working. I used to take her to Las Vegas and get her drunk to get her adventurous. Now she will try just about anything without being drunk or in Vegas. Maybe I should take her back and see if she has something new she wants to try. Can't think of much that we haven't done or tried. I keep buying porn looking for something new to try but they don't seem to be as adventuresome as us. I can tell you Vs blow jobs are better than any porn star I have seen. I have said before that the criteria is that the woman enjoy it and V certainly does. V looks so sexy when I have accidently spilled some cum on her lip or face but she normally just swallows and doesn't spill a drop. Hates to waist it I guess.

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