Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Shes hot.

I have been reading some blogs. Like the hotwife forum. There is really some hot stuff there if you find the right thread to read. The wives that are really hot all seem to like oral and to swallow. My V loves oral and she loves a big load in the mouth. She usually swallows every drop and enjoys it. Makes me so horny for my woman. I don't know what makes the really hot ones hot. Like V and some of the women I have read about. I am going to enjoy as I notice a lot of women don't feel the same way. One guy writes that his wife doesn't like to swallow or anal. I have seen many spit or swallow blogs. V doesn't even think about it. She swallows and enjoys it. I certainly do. I suppose I could live without it as it seems many men do but its much nicer to live with it and enjoy blowing a load in my lovers mouth occassionally and having her want it and go for it.

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