Wednesday, 23 February 2011

spread em and take it deep

V has been very passionate lately. I have had time to look at porn mid day and then email her to get her reved up by the time I get home. I have been thinking about her and how sexy and slutty she can be and I get hard as a rock and can't wait to get home to her. I have been wanting to cum in her mouth and she likes that a lot to. When we start fucking we get soo intense. We have bent her over the bed and fucked her hard from behind. We both like that a lot and seem to get quite deep doing it. Then we wind up missionary with V spreading her legs very very wide and allowing me quite deep which drives us both crazy and we wind up having a silmultaneously cumming and pumping her full of cum. Quite nice I might add and then we are both pretty spent. I usually get her off at least 2 or three times either orally or with my hand before we get to the deep fuck but she is so sexually charged it unreal. With more time I want to watch and play with the cream pie. Just have to enjoy hot sex for now.


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