Thursday, 7 July 2011

worknight sex

I had a long day yesterday and have time mid day to surf a little porn. I enjoy looking at the porn but I always invision V being the girl in the porn video and fucking me or multiple men. She really better than any of the girls in the videos. The girls in the videos many times perform for the camera a V performs because she is a hot oversexed woman. Well maybe not oversex but plenty to go around. She likes sex so much that sometimes she gets going and can't stop herself. Well on the way home I sent a hot text to her and told her if she wanted to get fucked hard to be ready when I got home. She was ready. She was sitting in her chair with her aunt Mable housecoat on and I knew there was something very sexy under it. I always have to make the first move but she had a cute little low cut short show off her tits nightie on. These things stay new cuz they are only on for just a few minutes. We retired to the guest bedroom this time for some variety. It was still light outside which is the way I like it so I can see what we are doing. I specially like seeing Vs head bobbing up and down as she blows me. She takes a thick seven incher and devours it. I have learned a technique where I put three fingers in her pussy gently and then leave the thumb to manipulate her clit. I usually do do much forplay I just get to it with this technique and can usually get her off in a very short order. Once she cums the second third and fourth are easy as pie. She gave me one of her world class blow jobs and then some hot hot kissing. Her mouth is always hotter after having a dick in it and its always good. It just gets better with dick and better yet with cum. Well a good blow job and I jumped right in on her pussy and just flick the clit gently and you can feel her pussy contract and then keep doing what makes it contract and don't get too agressive too soon and before long. I mean very short she is moaning with orgasm and pleading to stop. I usually ablige and she will usually blow me while she cums down from her orasm and then I will do it again and again. Well last night three times and she said "Lets fuck". I said no I want to make you cum some more first as I love doing it almost as much as she likes recieving. We repeated this another three times. I lost total count but she came a lot. Finally she had a really big one and pleaded to fuck so I put on some A&E lube and she slid down on my dick. We both gasped at how good it felt. She said "Oh Ya" and began to pump driving me deep deep into that hot wet pussy of hers. It didn't take long til I was getting ready to cum. I can usually hold out much longer but she was specially good and hot and wet last night. I could tell she wanted cum at that point and would have taken it anywhere I wanted. When she gets cum hungry she is like putty and just wants cum. If I want to cum in her mouth shes up for it and will swallow every drop. If I want to cum on her tits or her face shes up for that. Last night I blew it deep I mean really deep in her pussy. She likes it a lot when its really big and really deep. Otherwise she says she can't really feel it but big and deep makes her cum too which it did last night. She had another nice orgasm while pumping my dick. Its like her pussy sucks the cum out when shes really turned on and cumming. We collapsed after that and went immediately to sleep. We usually sleep very well after really good sex. The only dilema is that I love cumming in so many places that I always feel I am neglecting the other places when I give a big load to one place. Sometimes like the time before I gave a huge one to her pussy and another respectable one to her mouth and tongue. That was nice. Very nice. Last night there just wasn't enough time but there is always tonight.

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