Monday, 2 August 2010

Life is good

Sex has been normal but not as much as we would like. Summer is so busy that there seems to not be time for sex some times. Thursday ran an errands for some people. When we got home I asked if she would like to fuck and she was not committal. As soon as we were home you have thought it was her idea as she was quick to get ready to fuck. She has been letting me play with her pussy more lately than in the past. Well she doesn't refuse me much. When we were dating I played with her pussy a lot. She tells me now that some times she was sore for a long time after with such long sessions. Well now like on Thursday I lubed my hand up very well with some personal lube. I didn't mess around and just slid four fingers in. I don't push hard just enough to make her pussy feel a little stretched but gentle. Then I shove the fingers in till comfortable but a turn on for her and then massage her clit with my thumb. The nice part of this technique is that I can tell right away if I am doing it right as her pussy will contract if I am hitting the right spot and that day I hit it and rehit it. I had to slow as her pussy was convulsing with each stroke and she was realling with pleasure. I asked her after if it was one big O or a bunch of little Os. She said she started cumming and just kept cumming and cumming. She came for a long time and then said lets fuck. I was pretty turned on and started pumping. Her pussy is specially hot after she has cum over and over. Even one time is good but multiple orgasms makes her hot hot and very wet. She was soo turned on that she kissed me very deep in a way that says she is mine and I can have anything at all. I pumped a huge load into her pussy and we she came again. Then after some time I rolled off and we cuddled. She is hot. A while back we had a similar session and she came so many times she turned back to her wonderful blow job to finish me. I lover her blow jobs. Well it was light enough to see her as I started to convusle. I took my dick and took a couple strokes. I was on my knees at the foot of the bed. She had her legs at the head and was blowing me ferousiously. She knew I was cumming and she always gets anxious. I blew a huge load in her mouth. About the second or third pump it was too much cum and a drop or two came out on her cheek. It looked so fucking hot to see cum on my lovers face as she swallowed a big load and enjoyed it. We enjoyed the moment for awhile and then layed down and she kissed me one of her hot deep kisses and she is so hot knowing her mouth was just full of my cum. I think her mouth is always hotter after sucking dick and even hotter yet after swallowing cum. She is a cum slut and it took me years to discover it. Life is good.

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