Thursday, 5 August 2010

email to V

You were no more than gone and I missed you. We should have been fucking every night instead of abstaining as long as we have. The sexy text is fun and will send you more tomorrow. I have two 38 D bras coming for you. They are black. Thats probably my favorite but any color other than white or tan gives me a hard on. You have never realized how sexy I think you are and how sexy I think you look. The blue robe doesn't do much for me but if you were to put on almost anything else you would get fucked. I think you are the sexiest woman on the planet and have a wonderful set of tits. When you wear anything slutty it gives me a hard on. I made reservations for Key West and more to do but thinking of fucking you every day has me quite hard and needing you. I was thinking about waking up in the morning with my dick in your mouth and chasing you around the hotel room with nothing or very little on as thats the norm for dress is very little and slutty. I ordered more extenze and may go double dose as we get close to vaca. You always said my dick was perfect for you but you don't have to tell me you like the size as some things you can't hide. Like when I am finger fucking you gently and have four fingers inside and stroking your clit. When your pussy locks on my fingers I love it and you can't fool me that you didn't cum. I used to have such a tuff time telling if you had an orgasm and I think many times you didn't. I love it when you cum. Its almost as good as me cumming but I can't alway tell. If I have my hand shoved up your pussy I can tell or if my tongue is in there I can tell. I love both by the way. If we are fucking I can't always tell. If you have a knee jerker and It clamps my dick I can tell and wow is that good. I usually have a tough time not cumming when you do that. If you have just a good orgasm I can't tell and I like it when you let me know. I love it when you cum. I love it when you cum a lot. I can't see why sometimes you want to stop me as you seem to be able to cum and unlimited amount of times and I love every on. I am looking very much forward to fucking you tomorrow night. I am also dreaming of fucking you every day in Key West. We both seem to relax and can just have way more sex away from home. I can't believe how much we fucked in PR. You are amazingly hot and sexy and slutty. Your a magician to get and old guy like me off three times in one night. You can say what you want about the guy but its a hot hot hot sexy woman that can do that. One that knows how to use her mouth in very very sexy ways and never give up to the last swallow. I am hoping that you get home before me and read this get horny and start drinking and finger fucking yourself so you are hot nasty and fuckable when I get home. I need to get to bed. Doing this has kept me from jacking off. I want to save up a huge load and shoot it right down your throat. The second could be a cream pie. I love you very very much.

PS One thing I want to do in Key West is give you
a huge cream pie. In the day when I can watch it
ooz out. Cum become you anywhere you have it.
I haven't seen it there yet and want to very much.
What I do with it is up to you. Love you.

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