Thursday, 12 August 2010

I was hot and so was V

I was on the road a week ago and got thinking about V. Every time I think about her for long I get a hard on and horny as hell. I got on the computer and emailed her and told her I was horny as hell and wanting to nasty things to her. She responded positively but much to my dismay she didn't return my very explicit sexy emails. I love to get them from her althought she turns me on just to think about her and if she emails me I can hardly stand it. I could tell the emails were turning her on even though she didn't resipricate the way I had hoped. When I got home she had put on a sexy outfit and had nearly killed a bottle of wine. I poured myself a half glass of tequilla and a splash of margarita mix and hopped in the shower. I took a viagra right away and then took a shower. By the time I had a couple drinks and was clean my dick was rock hard. I tried some extenze and it seems to work for me. I was about seven inches before and now I am about eight. V doesn't say much but seems to like it a lot. I am taking double doses in prep for an upcoming vacation and hoping it might even do more. I don't think you can have too much and we both like the extra. A lot. Well we didn't wait long and said lets go to the bedroom. I like to put some porn on mainly to have some light so I can see V's beautiful body while we are playing. She is very self concious of her body and thinks she is fat and I think she is the sexiest thing on the planet. She went right down on me and to the whole eight inches and sucked it furiously. I stroked her tits and said my turn and layed her down for some oral. I worked her clit for awhile and then lubed my fingers so I could play with her pussy. I can slide in three fingers and have my thumb free to play with her clit. As I work it her clit gets harder and larger and easier to manipulate. As I do it I can feel her pussy contract on my fingers and she starts to have orgasm after orgasm. Some small and long and some make her pussy contract tight and her thighs quiver. Ever once in awhile it will get so intense she makes me stop and let her get her breath and then do it again. At some point she cant stand any more and we have to fuck or suck. She chose to suck this night and it was feverish. She was sucking hard and stroking with her hand at the same time and I was very turned on and knew I couldn't last long and told her. She didn't slow at all she wanted dick and like I said. She really likes the extra size and really goes after it. It wasn't long til I just exploded in her mouth. I had been horny and hard all day so the load was very large and she didn't spill a drop like usuall. She rarely waists a drop of cum. I have suprised her and got some on her cheek and god she looks sexy that way but she swallowed it all today and we were both spent. She climbed my body up to my face and gave me a sexy deep deep wet cum filled kiss with a lot of tongue. It was soo hot. She totally and completely satisfied me and was laying there with her big beautiful breasts and hot pussy and I could do nothing about it at that point. She is a wonderful wife and hot sex partner. After more than forty years of fucking she is hotter sexier and sluttier than ever. She is willing to try anything or do anything and trust me she knows how to do it right.

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